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Created by David Morgan

Rumney Baptist Church Community Hall

Project Number: 390641.014

Objective: To refurbish the community hall

Project Completion Date: July 2014

Contributing Landfill Operator: Cardiff City Council

LCF Funding: £59000

Project Partners: Rumney Baptist Church


Rumney Baptist Church is located in a suburb to the east of Cardiff and it has a strong and supportive membership.  There has been a growing need in the locality for viable community spaces and the leadership of the church decided to expand its outreach facilities in order to help meet this demand.


The church community hall had become derelict and consequently fallen into disuse.  This project has provided a fully refurbished and modern amenity for the church and community, including kitchen and toilet facilities. 


The social and built environment has been protected by providing a place of recreation for the community and by undertaking improvements to the community hall.

“We received good advice on the way forward and how the system worked”


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