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Created by David Morgan

Marshfield Village Hall, Newport

Project Number: 390641.011

Objective: To regenerate land adjoining the village hall by undertaking works to two junior football pitches

Project Completion Date: November 2014

Contributing Landfill Operator: Newport City Council

LCF Funding: £36885

Project Partners: The management committee of Marshfield Village Hall; Marshfield Junior and Youth Football Club


Marshfield Village Hall is a registered charity and its members are responsible for the management of the amenity and surrounding grounds.  The hall plays host to around 20 regular user groups throughout the year in addition to events and functions and this bears testimony to the hard work of the trustees and local community. 


Due to inadequate drainage and an uneven playing surface the two junior football pitches on adjoining land have become almost unusable during the Autumn/Winter period.  The Marshfield Junior and Youth Football Club rely upon the playing fields to enable them to provide healthy outdoor recreation for the young people of the village and outlying areas.  This project will provide a new drainage system for two pitches, regenerate the land and enable the Football Club to utilise an improved playing surface, throughout the year.


This project will protect the social environment by encouraging responsible use of the amenity by local residents.

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