Kathleen & May Heritage Centre, Connah's Quay, Flintshire

Project Number: 390641.018

Objective: To refurbish the Heritage Centre

Project Completion Date: March 2015

Contributing Landfill Operator: Tata Steel, Shotton

LCF Funding: £4300

Project Partners: Flintshire Council Coastal Rangers; Quay Waterman’s Riverside Association (QWRA)


The Kathleen and May Heritage Centre is the former Sea Cadet’s building in Connah’s Quay and it takes its name from the historic tall ship that featured in the BBC’s Onedin Line and was built in Connah’s Quay in 1900.  The building had fallen into disuse and the project to refurbish it was the brainchild of the QWRA who had a vision for a facility with a focus on marine heritage, community regeneration and training – the first of its kind in Flintshire.  A two-year public consultation had also been undertaken.


A feature of this project is the volunteer hours contributed by members of the Coastal Rangers and the QWRA who have provided their labour and expertise during the course of the works.  LCF funding will be used to purchase materials.  A number of local organisations have signed up to use the amenity once the works have been completed.


The refurbished building will enable it to reopen to the public and improve the environment by providing a fit-for-purpose modern community centre.


“This was a good boost to our project and Nigels patience was brilliant. We had a few communication problems internally but Nigel was very understanding”

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