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Created by David Morgan

Hailey Park Outdoor Activity Centre, Llandaff North

Project Number: 390641.006

Objective: To refurbish Hailey Park Outdoor Activity Centre  

Project Completion Date: February 2013

Contributing Landfill Operator: Cardiff City Council

LCF Funding: £40867

Project Partners: The ‘Friends of Hailey Park’ group


The driving force behind this project was a ‘Friends’ group, local residents who give their time with the objective of improving amenities in and around the village of Llandaf North.  The Activity Centre is a stand-alone ring fenced facility bordering the Taff Trail and in addition to being a hub for the local population, it is a visitor attraction for walkers and cyclists. 


The refurbishment provided a range of modern appliances to replace the outdated equipment which had deteriorated over a number of years.  The new equipment is environmentally friendly and has improved the built and social environment thereby helping to discourage any anti-social behaviour.  

“Every query was answered quickly and simply (plain English!)”


"'Excellent, as that was the service we received from start to finish, guiding us through the process & all done in a friendly but efficient manner"


"The Committee and members have requested that I write to convey our profound appreciation and most sincere thanks for the invaluable assistance tendered regarding our playground project. Your knowledge and expertise were decisive in enabling the scheme to be completed within the stringent timescale. Again, many thanks for your significant contribution and forbearance, it was, we assure you, very worthwhile"