Project Number: 390641.021

Objective: See project description

Project Start Date: November 2016

Forecast End Date: May 2018

Contributing Landfill Operator: Cardiff City Council

LCF Funding: £746,261

Grangetown, Cardiff is a thriving urban community of almost 20,000 residents with a population density of almost twice the average of the city.  This unique scheme, delivered by a partnership made up of Cardiff City Council, Welsh Water and Natural Resources Wales, will be set within a project site that incorporates 12 streets that are all in the immediate vicinity of the River Taff.


The £2M project will create multiple green spaces, including 'rain gardens'*, within a design framework that will protect the natural, built and social environment through sustainable water management. A key component of the project will be the creation of a safer cycling and pedestrian route (endorsed by SUSTRANS) along Taff Embankment Street, a 500 metre stretch of the main carriageway where it is joined by the Taff Trail. The Taff Trail links the city centre to Cardiff Bay; it is part of National Cycle Network Route 8 and is a popular route for visitors whilst providing a means of sustainable transport for the local community.


‘Greener Grangetown’ will be an exemplar project and it will change the perception of rainwater by demonstrating how it can be treated as a resource/asset.


* A Rain Garden, in the context of this project, is an area planted with shrubs and/or trees, used to catch and clean rain water.  Rain water falling directly on to the rain garden can be stored in the trees; the rain garden also collects water flows (from rainfall/surface water) which it cleans through its shrubs and planting.  The roots of the trees, shrubs and planting, soak up the rain water and at the same time reduce its volume by a process of cleaning and filtering any waste products. 


In technical terms, the planters with a tree are supported by ‘strata cells’ which are lightweight box frames (plastic).  These frames hold the soil matrix used as the growing medium for ‘GreenBlue’ filtration tree systems.  They are cleverly engineered to allow the rainwater to filter through them, as well as supporting the soil at a pre-determined compaction factor, ensuring that the tree roots get adequate levels of oxygen.


The surplus water then finds its way down into a connected pipe that links with the main sub-surface drain, leading finally into the river Taff.  The soil to be used in the rain gardens will remove any impurities in the water.  The soil specification will also be suited to playing a role that supports the chosen vegetation.

At the launch event on 10th October 2018, Minister for Environment, Hannah Blythyn AM, said: “The Greener Grangetown scheme brings multiple benefits to the local community – from the new rain gardens and kerbside planters, which will improve biodiversity in the area, to the dedicated ‘bicycle street’ that provides a safer route for cyclists and pedestrians, while improving air quality".


Greener Grangetown, Grangetown, Cardiff

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