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Created by David Morgan

City United Reformed Church, Cardiff

Project Number: 390641.013

Objective: To refurbish the Gents, Ladies and Disabled Toilets

Project Completion Date: October 2013

Contributing Landfill Operator: Cardiff City Council

LCF Funding: £31476

Project Partners: United Reformed Church


City United Reformed Church (URC) is a union of three Cardiff City Centre churches with roots reaching back to the mid-nineteenth century.  The church is centrally located and is a hub of Cardiff ecumenical activity.  Community outreach is central to the daily life of City URC and over 50 organisations use the church premises on a regular basis.  The main building houses a cafe and a bookshop and it is also on the list of Churches promoted by the Church Tourism network. 


The toilets had become unfit-for-purpose and this project provided a complete overhaul and replacement of the Gents, Ladies and Disabled facilities within the church building. 


The installation of modern toilet facilities has made the environment more pleasant for the multiple users of the church building whilst enhancing the visitor experience.

“Very helpful and supportive throughout the process”